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Free Discovery Call

Book a free 15 minute discovery call by filling in the form below.

Monthly GKN Protocol Package

192 Euros per month for 3 months

This includes an initial consultation of 75 to 90 minutes. During the initial consultation we will take a full case history and work on a personalised dietary and lifestyle plan based on your goals.  After that we will meet for 45 minutes, on a monthly basis, to follow up progress and make adjustments based on symptoms and any lab. test results we may have carried out. This package also includes ongoing client support, guidance and accountability by text and email between consultations Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm. 

Talks and Seminars

Based on your needs

Talks on nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyles can be offered and tailored to your needs. Please call to discuss.

Laboratory Tests

Based on Laboratory pricing

Diagnostic Testing is offered to clients based on their individual needs. I work with German, Dutch, US and UK reputable private laboratories to get to the root cause of the health problem.


To book a consultation or to find out more information please fill in your details below.  I will get back to you as soon as possible, normally within 24 to 48 hours. If you prefer to call me I can be reached on +31 620727440. My working hours are Monday to Friday - 9.30am to 5pm (CEST).

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N Klaassen 
Suffering from hives and allergies, I was looking for a long term solution and way to manage my skin. After seeing several doctors, and a dermatologist (to no avail), a friend recommended Gillian and I haven't looked back since. Gillian is wonderful, not only does she look at the issue with a holistic lens, but she was thoughtful, listened and worked with me to find the long term solution. I would highly recommend Gillian to anyone looking for advice, trying to meet health goals and/or looking for natural ways to tackle any health issues.
I had been suffering from energy dips after lunch/dinner, regular stomach ache and
an overly soft stool for about 20 years. Multiple GP’s weren’t able to identify nor
address the issue. Through a friend of a friend I found Gillian, Gillian
found out within two consultations and two tests that I was suffering from
a mild parasite that I had probably been infected with in a developing
country during my travels. During a relatively long but successful treatment, I learned
a ton about food, got rid of the parasite, went from 74 to 69 kilo’s and have a good
stool again, which I haven’t had in 15 years. I’ve already recommended Gillian to
several people and will continue to do so. I have in general more energy, suffer less
from energy dips and have learned a lot about food and health in the process.
M Oppermann
 I worked with Gillian to help me shift my nutritional diet to one, that is healthier, more nutritious and tailored to my body and needs. Gillian collected from me insightful information about my eating habits and preference before our first meeting, which was very insightful and certainly gave depth to our conversations during the two consultations that we had. She was asking me relevant, open questions during the meetings and clarified a lot of questions and concerns that I had as I was coming from a very unhealthy daily eating regime and had to switch a lot of ingredients, and to start bringing new habits into my daily routine. Gillian prepared a tailored health optimization plan and also helped me to understand better the why of my new nutritional diet. 
 G Lemanski  

Seeing Gill was a real eye opener - even though I thought I was eating the right things she pointed out where I was going wrong and how to stabilise my blood sugar levels throughout the day. I have adapted the way I eat and think about food after seeing her just for one consultation. Thoroughly recommend a visit!

Z Kaczmarek Todd   

I had a great meeting with Gillian. I realized the importance of balance in a diet and understand now why certain foods can drag you down. She also explained how combinations of different foods and a variety are so important. I'm much more excited about food now! I highly recommend Gillian.

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