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The importance of the health of the animal we eat...

The importance of the health of the animal that you eat seems to be something quite often overlooked today. If you think about it, do you want to eat an animal who has been stressed out in cramped conditions (producing stress hormones which ends up in the meat), eating processed (man made grains) foods or one that has been allowed to run free in the fields, keeping active and feeding on fresh organic grasslands? Today's farmed animals have far greater amounts of saturated fats than their pre-domesticated, palaeolithic, wild ancestor's. Like humans, if animals don't exercise they also have more fat than muscle. This fatty meat is then ending up in our supermarkets and on the dinner table. When you are next shopping for your 'lean meats' ensure you go for organic, grass fed beef and please don't overlook the game meat that is starting to take up more shelf space in supermarkets. I would highly recommend trying some of this meat like venison (or hertevlees in Dutch) as it will be far leaner and healthier. Here are some tasty game recipes for you to try out.

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